Tower of Invincibility (2012)

Tower of Invincibility is a film installation created in a neo-melodramatic style about the advancement of an esoteric health and sports camp in the early 20th century. The camera follows the protagonists during their daily routines: weight lifting, acrobatics, telepathy, leisure time and witnesses how they are progressing from day to day. The filming took place at the Teufelsberg, a former listening station during the Cold War in Berlin. In 2008 the Maharishi Foundation, along with Director David Lynch, bought the terrain for building a 50-meter tall “Tower of Invincibility‚ and a “Vedic University of Peace‚.

Rhabarber Boy (2007)

The film installation Rhabarber Boy (rhubarb boy) is setting a fantasy-world in relation to the archaic nature of a child, and raises the question about the moral responsibility of virtual creatures and content. The film describes the life of a wild boy, living in a forest without the influences of civilization. He is keeping an old comic-collage in his cottage and is trying to understand the colorful and figurative images of this icon.