St. Mickeyland (2023)

Welcome to St. Mickeyland! In painting-like tableaus, a reservation inhabited by cartoon and media icons is displayed. The assembled characters are in search of meaning in life, reflecting on their creation in the honeypot of capital. While Snow White learns stand-up paddling, Winnie the Pooh gives birth to a descendant, adding a dash of humanity to the fictional shell.

HD, 12:45, 2023 (Experimental Animation/ Videoart)




World premiere at 69.Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Animation: Ulu Braun, Jelena Milunovic, Edoardo Pasquini
Voice: Maximilian Brauer
Sound: Ulu Braun
Music: u.a. Vali Kram
Soundmix: Jochen Jezussek

directed, written and produced: Ulu Braun
supportet by FFA


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